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This is a #UkieGreenJam2019 submission, by the team Colorado Broncos (no affiliation to the sports team Denver Broncos).  

Save Lemy the Lemur! A Harvester named Hank is tearing down the rain forest, and Lemy has to escape! Using WAD, leap from branch to branch, getting bananas to increase your score. Along the way, there are other animals escaping from far and wide. Help them, and you will get a point boost in return for your heroism.

Rocks can be hard to find, but if you see one, snag it! You can damage Hank and get the Harvester machine to slow down. Beat him enough times and you'll destroy him for good!

'Why did we make this?'

When brainstorming an idea, the issue of deforestation came up. It's become apart of pop culture as well, with the influencer Mr. Beast, pledging to plant 20 million trees by 2020. We began creating a game inspired by his initiative. In Leaping Lemur, we show a Harvester machine, based on the actual harvesting machine used to take down trees. You play as a Lemur leaping through trees, trying to escape. Our game isn't all doom and gloom. You can rescue animals in the game, and destroy the Harvester, in order to beat the game. Our team also put in facts about deforestation, as well as what players themselves to help the cause. Although our game focuses on deforestation, we put donation buttons to educate player.



Gameplay Programmers -  Christopher Dearman-Morecraft, Abi Sanders

Game Artist - Beijan Kara

Sound Designer- Amber-Leigh Blake

UI Designer - Ravina Sahota

Mentor - Peter Martingell 

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